Conversation with Interior Designer, Maria Bowers

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This Month, we had a great chat with an NJ based Interior Designer, Maria Bowers on the new trends and colors to follow when decorating your home. She has also shared with us some of her insider tips on how to make a room beautiful and functional at the same time along with her favorite signature style.

How do you know when interior design is ‘good’ for a specific place? 

Interior Design is not a thing to me, it is a feeling, so I recommend it for any type of room. When I get into designing a room, I consider what the room is used for and the clients wish list for that room and go ahead from there.

What are the trends you see in the year 2020?

 COLOR!! I love that color is coming back into play in 2020. Colors excite us, ignite us and when used correctly can create the perfect balance to even the most neutral homes!

What according to you are essentials in terms of design and function in the bedroom? 

The essentials to me to a perfect bedroom are lighting, relaxing color palette and of course amazing bedding. In order to create that perfect retreat to relax and unwind after crazy and tiring days, you want to use serene colors that will soothe you, beautiful lighting and bedding you never want to crawl out of. I love bedrooms that gives the feel of a luxury hotel room!

Are you working on any project you would like to share?

 I do have several projects in the works, but my home is one I’d like to share! Being here only 7 short months, our bedroom is starting to feel more like the luxury hotel.

 Bedding duvet white duvet insert cover throw blanket

Here I have used Kasentex throw to add a pop of color in a neutral setting with white Kasentex duvet cover set:

What inspires you in this profession? 

The biggest thing that inspires me in my Interior Design business are my clients. Being able to design their dream homes and keeping the space practical, functional and beautiful at the same time is amazing!

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your personal style what would they be? 

Simple, natural and rustic-with a pop of color!

What are the tips to consider when striking a balance between beauty and functionality when designing a space? what’s your favorite room to work on?

When designing a room, it’s good to consider the core need and desire for the room. What will the room be used for? The living room is always at the top of the list for high usage, so you want to consider investing in what you sit on. Sofas, sectionals, chairs-these are the core essentials for the room. For these I usually stay neutral and add the patterns and colors to throw pillows, rugs and other accessories, which are easier to switch out.  You also want to make sure the size of the furniture and layout works best in the room.  Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and textures together-have fun with it! Even for myself, I always had greenery, whether faux or real, plants cozy up a room. I don’t have a favorite room to work on-for me it’s bringing a whole house together beautifully.

What are your favorite bedding sets on Kasentex right now?

 I love all the quits, the colors and patterns and the microfiber duvet set is amazing! So soft and comfortable!

down alternative comforter dark rose red


Maria Bowers is a NJ based interior Designer. You can get in touch with her through her website:

You can also follow her work on social media: Facebook 

Instagram: @my_bdesignd_life

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