Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and there is nothing better than putting a smile on her face during this time. Why not give her a gift of bedroom refresh this year while we all stay indoors.

Here Is Your Gift Guide with Some unique Ideas that are Sure to Impress your Friends & Family:

  1. Luxury Soft Bedding: This time of year, it is ideal to add some new colors and patterns to your bedroom. Gifting her a premium bedding set would be a great idea for her to update her home space and will also. Help your mom transform their room in attractive colors of the season that would refresh the look of the place.You can opt for more subtle hues like peach, green, blue with some neutral base. Perfect way to bring in Spring-summer. 

Spring pink bedding set quilt coverlet @farafix

  1. Gift Cards – Give Now -Enjoy Later: Give her a gift card from a home décor store or her favorite restaurant and see the big wide smile on her face.  The good thing about gift cards is no matter where you both live, you can still gift her something which is super easy for her to redeem immediately on the same day. Also, she can make her own decision on what she would like to buy from the store. It is a total win-win especially around this time.
Some Gift Card options:  
Personalized Visa/Mastercard
 gift card home store bedding
  1. White Down Comforter: Who does not love a luxurious fluffy white down comforter as an addition to their home space. An investment and a gift that keeps giving back. Send her way a premium 100% White down comforter for all season use, especially for those chilly nights. This would make for a perfect gift for all the home lovers and seasonal renovators.

white down comforter

  1. Kitchen Goodies Basket: Give a fun treat to all those culinary lovers who likes to keep their kitchen stuffed with new accessories and delicious food. How about a basket full sumptuous seasonal goodies and décor for the kitchen? You can also always add some spices of the season to keep the exhilaration quotient high.



  1. Knitted Throw: If you want mom to know you appreciate her, send her some colorful stoles and throws she can use indoors and while stepping out for her grocery runs. These 100% knitted throws come in 6 striking colors and would be a perfect additional to her closet. How about put all the colors in a gift basket and leave at her doorstep?


Happy Gifting!!





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