How Often To Wash Sheets?

How Often To Wash Sheets?
   Nothing beats this amazing feeling of climbing into freshly clean sheets. But we all hate to actually change our bedding, right?
   We spend around 56 hours in the bed every week and over all this time, your bedding will accumulate dust, sweat, oil particles and dead skin cells that you're shedding onto your sheets.. Dirty sheets can also attract dust mites, which is a particular problem for people with a dust mite allergy or eczema.
   To prevent this from happening you should plan on washing your bedding at least every two weeks.

   Here’s How Often You Should Really Be Washing Your Sheets:
   🍃 Every two weeks: If you wear pajamas or bathe before bedtime, your sheets will likely stay cleaner longer and can be changed weekly or bi-weekly—but never go longer than two weeks with unwashed sheets on your bed.
   🍃 Weekly: If you eat in bed, let your pet curl up in the bed, or you perspire heavily, you may need to clean your sheets more often.
   🍃 Twice a week: If you wake up with a stuffy nose, the accumulated dust mites and shed skin cells in bedsheets may be affecting your respiratory passages so try washing your sheets more often if you can't breathe.1
   🍃 Daily: If there is a household illness, such as a virus, cold, or flu, the sheets should be changed daily or every other day. In addition, if you have acne or skin problems, the pillowcase should be changed and cleaned more frequently than sheets to prevent inflammation and transfer of bacteria.